New song on the way!

Har testspottat verserna på guldmicken eftersom John lånat studiomicken till ett projekt han jobbar med.

Det är John som står för productionen efter framgångskonceptet med CWMC och jag slänger upp texten om någon är sugen på en inblick Eksperiens kaotiska vardag.

Vers 1

Dark alleyways and blazing, always amazing bro/

Always that paper chasing, layer cake sensation yo/

My mind is always spinning, they say I think too much/

My girl done gone and left me now they say I drink too much/

But you know me though, I never get no sleep/

I got no time to waste and I don't even stop to eat/

I'm on my protein powder, I call that shake and bake/

I probably smoke to much and i believe they call that faith/

I'm always rolling sour but Mary's always sweet/

She's with me every hour no surrender no retreat/

Bitches my biggest weakness, man I got no control/

That shit my kryptonite that pussy power got my soul/

vers 2

I'm on my third allnighter now I start and can't stop wright her/

I got this beat and all these rhymes up in my mind to fight her/

I'm always zoning and the homies can't relate they saying/

Come out them clouds but I don't give a fuck y'all know I'm playing/

Different divisions consistent listen but don't give a piss/

If you gonna be dissing you can try but you gonna end up missing/

I'm fucking tired of people, trying to sell me the sequel/

I ain't gonna ever peak and you and me are never equal/

I'm fucking primo mia, grade a quality stuff/

And all I fucking see is posers man I'm calling they bluff/

All of this shit is written straight out of my fucking head/

And I just keep on spitting rhymes that's how I make my bed/

Vers 3

And pretty mamma I'm sorry I know your sad and upset/

I know it's bad but you don't need to do shit you gonna regret/

I know I fucked it up and then again I wasn't alone/

I know exactly what is up and why your throwing stones/

We never talked about it, not really anyway/

And maybe Mary J and Henny got the best of me/

Especially 'cuz mentally I knew it wasn't meant to be/

But we held on like for forever now I'm finally free/

At least and all in favor, we always have Miami/

And she be whit me on my right hook when I grab my Grammy/

At least and all in flavor, you's a good and good looking girl/

And now your ready to get out and get a swing on the world/

Pz out y'all!

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