New layout and a fresh start, let's party!

Been on the computer all day switching my website game up! Got a brand new layout and sorted out my life in new categories. From here on out it's on like donkey kong and I can promise you guys a fresh start and a lot of updates. I've been putting great thought in my future and know that I have to make changes in the way I handle buisiness from now on. I love making music but cooking has always been the closest thing to it in terms of passion and creativity. Thats why I decided to erase the barriers and become everything I love doing. This is the Eksperiens and I will literally light a fire under this thing! I already got my company registered but I feel that it's time to go public and get my AB up and running. Now, it's time to celebrate, tomorrow it's back to work. 
#eksperiens #betyomahafakkinmomknows